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Lee Research Group News

Prof. Yong Hoon Lee attended ARPA-E SYNERGIES Workshop and ARPA-E Energy Innovation SUMMIT 2024 Events

Prof. Yong Hoon Lee attended the ARPA-E Energy Innovation Summit 2024, an event hosted annually by the U.S. Department of Energy’s Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E). Prior to this, he participated in the ARPA-E SYNERGIES Workshop, where he and other experts from various research institutes, industries, and professional communities exchanged groundbreaking ideas on advancing marine renewable energy generation and utilization beyond the current state-of-the-art. At the ARPA-E Summit, Prof. Lee, along with industry partners, discussed the latest research outcomes and …

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Lee Research Group partnering with Ecobee, a leading smart thermostat company, to leverage the world’s most extensive energy utilization dataset

Ecobee, a leading smart thermostat company, gathered and organized a substantial dataset on energy utilization voluntary contributions from their smart thermostat customers. Through this partnership, we anticipate that our energy system optimization research, utilizing models based on real-world data, will have a significant impact in combatting climate change by effectively addressing real-life energy consumption patterns. We are grateful to Ecobee for generously sharing their invaluable database with us.

Wind Energy with Integrated Servo-control (WEIS) Project Highlighted by UofM Research + Innovation Newsletter

Our research on developing Wind energy with Integrated Servo-control (WEIS) toolset is highlighted by the University of Memphis Research + Innovation Newsletter. https://www.memphis.edu/research/impact/newsletter_2024/april24_stories/wind_energy_with_integrated_servo_control.php [Newsletter PDF] [Article PDF] Wind Energy with Integrated Servo-Control Floating offshore wind turbines, innovative renewable energy systems Floating offshore wind turbines are a relatively new technology designed to harness wind energy in deep-water regions where conventional fixed-foundation turbines are impractical. They offer several advantages over fixed foundation counterparts, including access to higher wind speeds and more expansive …

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Austin Griffin Successfully Defended His Master’s Thesis

Austin Griffin successfully defended his Master’s thesis. Congratulations to Austin for your graduation! Thesis Title Experimentally Supported Reduced Order Modeling for Hydrokinetic Energy System Design Abstract This research advances the field of hydrokinetic energy by introducing a novel control design approach, termed duct contraction control strategy (DCCS), that dynamically optimizes the power output of ducted horizontal axis hydrokinetic turbines (HAHkT). Focusing on the adjustment of duct contraction ratios (CR) and blade pitch in response to varying flow conditions, this strategy …

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Prof. Yong Hoon Lee attended ARPA-E OCEAN WEEK 2024 Event

Prof. Yong Hoon Lee attended OCEAN WEEK 2024 event annually hosted by the U. S. Department of Energy (DOE) Advanced Research Programs Agency-Energy (ARPA-E). At the event, Prof. Lee and other experts from various research institutes, industry, and professional communities convened to reflect outcomes and collaborations of the ocean-related research projects sponsored by the ARPA-E. Prof. Yong Hoon Lee is actively conducting research on the floating offshore wind turbine (FOWT) systems to unlock the clean energy potential of the ocean …

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Chandler Cain Successfully Defended His Master’s Thesis

Chandler Cain successfully defended his Master’s thesis. Congratulations to Chandler for your graduation! Title Optimal Floating Platform Design for Offshore Energy Systems Abstract A comprehensive study on the hydro-structural design exploration of floating platforms for offshore energy systems was performed using iterative design techniques. The study aims to develop a novel design method that optimizes the structure of the platform for stable dynamic responses to ocean waves, ensuring that the motion of the platform as well as its acceleration are …

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Prof. Yong Hoon Lee presented Multi-Body Modeling for Conceptual Design of Co-Located Ocean Renewable Energy and Aquaculture Systems at the ASME 2023 IDETC-CIE Conference

Publication Information Abstract This study presents a multi-body dynamic modeling approach for exploring and optimizing the novel co-location design of ocean-based renewable energy systems and aquaculture fishery systems. As both systems expand offshore to meet global energy and food demands, competition for limited oceanic space has become a growing concern. The co-location of these two distinctive systems offers a solution to this challenge by combining them in overlapping geographical locations while addressing their respective objectives and constraints. The study introduces …

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