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Experimental Modeling of Hydrokinetic Turbine Systems

Experimental analysis on the hydrokinetic turbine systems provide data for identifying and validating model parameters for the horizontal axis hydrokinetic turbines in the context of design optimization. It is crucial to optimize the HAHkT scale, external and internal geometry, rotor and blade design, and control scheme simultaneously to achieve cost-efficient energy conversion. However, high-fidelity simulation models, such as three-dimensional computational fluid dynamics (CFD), are costly, making the reduced-order model (ROM) approach more practical in the optimization loop. In this study, we focus on the ROM development by incorporating model parameters, such as turbine rotor resistance, based on blade element momentum (BEM) theory. The open channel experiment will test various geometries and blade pitches to validate and identify fine tuning parameters of the developed ROM. Additive manufacturing will be used to fabricate turbine components and ducts. Pressure, water velocity, turbine rotational speed, and torque on the shaft will be collected.

Related Publications and Presentations

  • Austin L. Griffin, Yong Hoon Lee, “Experimental identification of reduced order model parameters for hydrokinetic energy system design”, in ASME International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition (IMECE), IMECE2023-113489, 2023, pp. 1-7.