Changing the World Through Engineering Design Research

As an engineering design researcher with expertise in fluid mechanics, rheology, computational methods, and design optimization, I want to build a bridge between the mechanics of materials and the systematic engineering design methodologies.

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Mission Statement

Design research with engineering mechanics can have a powerful impact on our society. By exploiting unexplored design domains with truly new materials, new methodologies, and new design principles may enable a new world with more efficient, cost-effective, and even life-changing products that help maintain our society with more sustainable ways of development. My ultimate goal is to contribute my knowledge and effort toward making these substantial benefits to our future society.

MDO and co-design

Design optimization often involves interdisciplinary efforts including multiphysics simulations, various and sometimes conflicting design considerations, and hierarchical or distributed decision making. My research addresses multidisciplinary optimization (MDO), structures of MDO formulations, and control or other co-design aspects in design optimization.

Texture + fluid design

Friction is a significant source of energy loss in mechanical and fluid power applications. In lubricated hydrodynamic contacts, both surface texture and tailored lubricant are known to enhance frictional and load-supporting performance. My research uses simultaneous co-design approach to design both surface texture (solid) and non-Newtonian lubricant (fluid) to achieve better frictional system performance.

Rheological materials

Rheologically-complex materials exhibit function-valued material properties with dependence on either or both timescale and amplitude. This complexity presents difficulty when designing engineering system using the non-traditional materials. Designing with material-agnostic and material-specific approaches with these materials enable superior performance far beyond that of designing with simple materials.

Recent Work and News

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